Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Treat Basket

Easter Treat Basket
This little Easter basket is so easy to make.  I made it out of white 6 x 6 card stock paper.  I scored it at 2 inches and 4 inches.  Then turned it 180 degrees and scored again at 2 inches and 4 inches.  You will end up with 9, 2 inch sections before you fold it.   Round the outside corners.  Then fold on all scores.  On one side, cut on each of the 2 and 4 inch folds, but cut only to the center.  Turn 180 degrees and cut again on the 2 and 4 inch folds only to the center. To pretty it up cut 4, 1 3/4 inch sections from decorative paper and round the corners.  Attach them to the outside sections.  Fold the cut sides to the center and attached together with tape or brad.  Add a 1 x 7 inch handle made from card stock.  Attach to the inside.   Then I added a decorative front.  Mine says "While He was on the cross, you were on His mind" which I printed on my PC and punched it out with a scallop punch.  I then stamped a cross over top of the words and mounted the scallop on a matching square.  You can choose to make you basket out of patterned card stock instead of white, then you won't have to add the decorative paper.  Now your little basket is ready to add candy and treats for someone to enjoy.  I will make these and sell them to you for $2 each plus $1 shipping for each.  Contact me at

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sympathy Cards

Sympathy Card
I used black and white patterned card stock paper and added white lace punched from white card stock, then I added yellow, green and black ribbon and accented it with 3 tiny yellow buttons.  I stamped the words "With heartfelt Sympathy" on white card stock and framed it on a black card stock.  I added a cross inside along with a Bible verse.  This is a simply but elegant card to express sympathy to someone whose loved one has passed. 
Sympathy Card # 2

With this sympathy card I use light blue card stock.  On the front I added an embossed darker blue and light blue ribbon.  I stamped a flower on cream card stock and punched it out in an oval shape then I framed it on a slightly larger oval punched out in green.  I attached stamped words "Sending Love and Sympathy" in blue which is on white card stock.  There is a verse inside the card along with another stamp of the same flower as well as a cross.  On the envelope is stamped "Praying for You..." in blue.  I always try to stamp something on the corner of the envelope to match each card I send.  To me this is a detail that makes the card more special.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Happy Easter Card # 1
This Easter card was simple to do. I just stamped some grass/leaves and some flowers with green ink.  I colored the flowers with a yellow Watercolor Wonder crayon from Stampin Up.  I cut out an Easter egg from patterned card stock paper and attached it to the front. 
On the inside I added an Easter egg also.

While He was on the Cross....
I stamped this Easter card with a cross and then colored it with Watercolor Wonder crayons from Stampin Up.  I rounded the corners.  The outside reads, "While He Was on the Cross..." and the inside reads, "You were on His mind." 
I used purple for the cross and the words I printed on my PC.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Laminated Small Bookmarks

These little laminated bookmarks are 5 x 3 cut from patterned card stock.  Each has the Bible verse Philippians 4:13.  I stamped a cross on the top.  On the reverse side I added "How To Be Saved" with scriptures references. 
I have started to put one in each birthday card I send this year.
I sell these any of my bookmarks for $1 each or 10 for $8.
Contact me at
Laminated Large Bookmarks

These are 8 1/2 x 3 laminated bookmarks made from colored card stock.  On one side there are "10 Good Reasons To Keep Looking Up" when you are discouraged or depressed, giving Bible references for each. I stamped a cross at the top.  On the reverse side there is "In Addition to 911, Remember These Emergency Numbers" giving scripture verses for topics like: When in sorrow - When leaving home; When you worry; When in danger. 
I sell these for $1 each or 10 for $8. 


Friday, March 1, 2013

Paper Clip Cuties

Paper Clip Cuties

These are really cute ideas for little gifts that are very inexpensive. I used large 4 inch paper clips from Staples. They come 10 to a package. I punched out 2 scallops and a circle. In the middle of the circle I stamped an image on it. I attached the stamped circle to one of the scallops. I used a large glue dot on the back of the paper clip, then centered and attached the plain scallop. On the front I used another large glue dot and placed the stamped scallop, lining it up the back scallop. Press hard and you are done.