Monday, January 30, 2017

Here are a view cards I've been working on.  Enjoy.

This is a birthday card.  Inside it says "... it's your birthday!"
A Little Bird Told Me...

This one can be used for encouraging someone 
or as an all occasion card.  I made a card from white card stock and then glued the card to a pink back.


This is good to send to a friend on a cold winter day.   
It is a pocket card with a message and a package of hot coco in it.
Hot Chocolate Friends
This is a simple card.  I stamped it with a pretty flower
 and added a simple message.
Just Because...

I bought a set of cards that were already ready to go.

I had several rolls of Washi tape and finally decided to use them to make a card.  Very easy to do.
Washi Tape Card

This is simple stamped with various flowers in purple and black.

I cut the flower vase on my Cricut and stamped the flower.
I printed the words on my PC.
Flower Friends

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